Monday, February 24, 2014

The Butterfly Effect

I know this is the title of some movie Hollywood wasted money to create.  Chances are it may even be somewhat decent.  I didn't watch it.  It isn't my cup of tea.  Honestly, I can't even tell you what it is about and that really isn't the point.  I will spare you the science lesson of how a butterfly comes into being.  We all, for the most part, can remember that from Kindergarten.  It is more the philosophical premise of the butterfly that has the wheels in my head spinning tonight.

You see, I stumbled upon a quote today that was simple yet profound. 
The summer after my littlest Little was born we took them all on a vacation to Chicago.  One of the places we went was the Brookfield Zoo.  That particular year they had a butterfly house exhibit.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of butterflies flitting around from plant to plant, person to person, just being.  These delicate, sun dependent, little insects with the vibrant wings doing nothing more than promoting growth with each landing they made. 

People are like that.  I have met people that have the most spectacular "wings" you will ever see.  These people don't just swoop into your day, they flit into it.  They gently land and stay a bit.  While they may take a bit of what you give them - kindness, love, and generosity - they leave something too - their own mixture of kindness, love, and generosity.  These are people who help you to grow and just maybe, with what you pass on, you are helping them to grow too.

I urge you to close your eyes and picture the most beautiful butterfly you have ever seen.  Does it have wings of blue and green?  Is it pure white with a luster only made by the shining of the sun?  Is it even more majestic like that of the monarch?  Whichever delicate pattern you see in your mind's eye, you know how intricately designed it is.  You, too, are intricately designed.  You are majestic and beautifully made.  So, dear readers, as you set about your day, don't swoop in for a landing, but gently flit to and fro and promote growth - both for yourself and others.

Love, M 

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