Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hobbies and a 30 "Day" Challenge

Do you have a hobby?  Why'd I ask, of course you do!  Everyone does actually, some just don't give it that definition.  I have several.  You can read my bio for the full list.  Out of them all, I'd have to say writing is my favorite, though it is the one I exercise the least.  Why?  It's hard.  It's one of those things you actually have to engage multiple parts of your person at once to make happen.  How?  Well, the brain...nah, not going to go there.  Seriously though, writing IS hard.  This is something that leaves you a lot more vulnerable to critique than any other.  Granted you can keep it in, hidden in the journals that your loved ones generations down the line will stumble upon while cleaning out their attics, or you can be bold and put it out there where the world, should they so chose, to see.  Alas, I do both.  Today, the world won.

One of my favorite new sites is Stumble Upon.  Haven't heard of it?  Go forth and enjoy by clicking hereWait!  Finish this first, after all what's the fun in missing the end?  OK, so as I was "stumbling" this morning, well it was actually a couple of days ago, but I digress; I came upon a site that I fell in love with.  Perhaps it isnt' so much a site as much as it was a list of things to do to help break out of a writing funk.  I'm going to call it my muse.  Another stumble brought me to a 30 day challenge, of which I will not be partaking, but there were quite a few "days" that I think I want to use to break myself free from this creative rut I am in.  So...what does all this rambling mean?

Simply this:  I've got a list of stuff to help me write, a challenge to incorporate the list, and a blasted blog sitting mostly idle, but aptly named since it really does all take time!  Oh, now, now.  You didn't waste your click from earlier to get this far and wonder what the smurf this nut case was rambling on about.  I have a point and a challenge of my own!  I will commit to it with sincerity, but cannot commit to an exact timeline (i.e. one a day, one a week, yadda, yadda....).  You can take your creative hobby and figure a way to incorporate it. Please remember your hobby is in keeping true to yourself, just as much as mine is to me.  Here it is:

1. Find one word and describe it in your own way.  No Webster allowed!
2. Describe your favorite piece of furniture and why its your favorite.
3. Using only the color red and its hues, describe today.
4. Describe a recent dream.
5. Think of your favorite book or movie, what character do you like most?  Write a non-related story about them, knowing only what you know about them from the original work.
6. Deconstruct the word: Faith.
7. Describe someones hands.
8. Pick your absolute favorite song, write the lyrics and how they make you feel.
9. Take a picture, then describe what you see.
10. Share your morning commute.
11. Describe a childhood memory.  (Yes, just one!)
12. Describe the taste of your favorite food.
13. Share your dream job.
14. Describe today's weather using scientific words. (No flowy, flowery, or richly descriptive words.)
15. Write a list of words, one per hour, that randomly come to your mind today.
16. Who's your favorite super hero and why?
17. If you had it to spend, how would you spend $100,000?  (NO CHARITY!)
18. List 5 good things about both presidential candidates...Yes, this will be hard for BOTH sides! Absolutely no bad.
19. Finish this thought: If the world were only...
20. What happened at noon today?
21. Describe your best friend without stating their name.
22. Look of the year you were born and find something interesting that happened (yes, I understand your birth was interesting, but that isn't what this is about) and share it.
23. What do the colors purple, black, and green bring to mind?  Why?
24. In the jungle...
25. People watch today, describe what you see.
26. Describe love with verbs only.
27. Share/explain your biggest fear.
28. Look yourself in the mirror, what do you see.  (Be true to yourself without belittling your existence!)
29. If you had it to do again, what would "it" be?
30. Choose your own adventure.

Hope you have fun with this.  If you don't play along, that's fine only you will really know.  If you do, and you are so inclined, link this post to your blog and share with others or comment with the link to your post. 

Until next time... M

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