Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review

I'm sure there are thousands of bloggers world wide anxiously tapping away at their keyboards trying to put to word the joys, pains, lessons, and sorrows that 2011 held.  It is now 8:45 on the 31st, less than 16 hours until that infamous ball drops and all the country, or at least this time zone, will sing Auld Lang Syne and kiss the appropriate person next to them firmly on the lips.  It warms my heart to think of the promises the new year can and will hold, but also saddens me to know that another year is being closed and that the tome will be be placed forevermore in the memory banks of those who wrote it's pages.  This year saw many things for my family as well as for me, these include:

1. The start of this blog
2. My mad quest to read 150 books
3. My children all celebrating another year
4. The loss of our family dog, Dorothy
5. My youngest starting pre-school
6. My oldest starting her last year of Elementary school
7. A trip of a lifetime to Israel
8. Immense new opportunities at my work
9. A roller coaster of emotions
10. Friends made and friends lost
11. Two family vacations
12. Employment and a layoff for my hubby
13. More college under my belt...
14. Personal growth
15. last but not least, the promise of a better tomorrow despite how it was packaged

I know the above list isn't entirely informative, but the detail can be found in the words of all the posts made this past year.  However, in the spirit of moving forward, below are some things I plan to do in the coming year (some refer to these as resolutions ~ I prefer to not jinx them with such a guilt laden title):

1. To grow stronger in my walk with the Lord
2. To become more knowledgeable on the current state of our nation's politics
3. To share those findings (#2) in a blog created by my best friend, the title to come at a later time
4. To begin another blog focusing on my wellness journey
5. To remember that I am only human and that in the end it is God's view of me that matters more
6. To maintain my integrity especially when other's lose theirs
7. To preserve more memories; which requires more to be made
8. To celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary
9. To not have a set reading goal, quantity wise
10. To enjoy what may come and to grow from what it may teach

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